Dal BIM al Facility Management: Il governo delle informazioni nella gestione del costruito

11 Apr Dal BIM al Facility Management: Il governo delle informazioni nella gestione del costruito

dal BIM al Facility Management: Il governo delle informazioni nella gestione del costruitoMakeplan, in linea con l’offerta formativa introdotta lo scorso anno da MakeLab, l’innovativo laboratorio di progettazione elettronica ed informatica, incontra le esigenze degli studenti di Ingegneria nell’ambito della II edizione del Corso di formazione permanente organizzato dal Politecnico di Milano, “La modellazione IMM (Information Modeling Management) del processo edilizio e BIM (Building Information Modeling) del Progetto”.


L’azienda romana infatti, specializzata in servizi tecnici ed informatici per il Facility Management, ha messo a disposizione del Polo territoriale di Lecco il proprio know-how, affrontando il tema del governo delle informazioni nella gestione del costruito.
La lezione didattica (dal BIM al Facility Management: Il governo delle informazioni nella gestione del costruito”) del CIO di Makeplan, Efrem Ropelato, si è svolta all’interno del modulo Facility Management  ed ha riguardato il rapporto tra BIM e Facility, evidenziando le azioni considerate fondamentali nei processi di gestione del costruito. Related: arrogant euphoria definition, black owned yoga studios los angeles, strong memorial hospital pay grades, m16 auto sear, craving more head means, tricare procedure codes, average human grip strength psi, amerisourcebergen holiday schedule 2022, parasola plicatilis poisonous to dogs, converting berkshire a shares to b shares taxable, dalmatian life expectancy, jack ross downton abbey singing, amarillo texas billionaires, deputy minister of natural resources, dylan walters son of jacki weaver,Related: martina cabrini figlia di antonio, natchitoches utilities one time payment, quiznos chicken corn chowder recipe, irs national standards insurance and operating expenses, full swing golf simulator vs foresight, lineman salary in ky, lynn news and advertiser archives, 3675 barnard dr oceanside, ca 92056, shadow’s reach horizon forbidden west not green, hillsborough county, florida court records, jeep jk 2 door fastback roll cage, scu dorm layout, laser therapy for dogs after spay, dorothy vaughan facts, dactylic tetrameter examples,Related: mobile homes for rent in blue ridge, tx, nasa summer programs for international students, best affordable restaurants in san sebastian, daniel’s amish bedroom furniture, new construction in fayetteville, ga, is perrier sparkling water, big and tall columbia jackets, how does your culture influence you, coleman youth sleeping bag glow in the dark, code obfuscation vulnerability, jazz violin sheet music, hotels in yellow springs, ohio, istanbul aqueduct underground, bus from princes street to botanic gardens edinburgh, doubletree by hilton coventry,Related: texas uil letterman jacket requirements, leapfrog leapster learning game system pink, why do you think mcmahon added the fourth assurance, perixx keyboard not working, easter call to worship reformed, can you eat oranges while taking eliquis, pets at home return policy no receipt, earl poitier related to sidney, cumberland county, ky indictments, will cruise ships require covid vaccinations, fritzing ground plane, bungee fitness charlotte nc, newcastle city council adopted highways map, knox council granny flat, when to prune apple trees in ohio,Related: why do umpires still call balls and strikes, crescenta valley high school sports, rose marie mantell thomas cause of death, families of early north carolina 1909, scott fisher wife fox 7, michelle elizabeth shamblin hannah, what does plb mean in sports betting, cornell 2026 acceptance rate, ford torino for sale california, mce insurance portal, perdita weeks back surgery, bienvenida a mi primer nieto, 5 official partners of the colorado avalanche, augustus tolton quotes, baltimore drug kingpins,Related: frank somerville house, en que capitulo descubren que patito es sherezada, jo ann pflug daughter melissa woolery, hair up knees down urban dictionary, , sheffield live music pubs, eye crossword clue 4 letters, intellectual barriers definition in health and social care, river kelly smith casket, can you be hung for stealing cattle in texas, frank vandersloot family, journal prompts for abandonment issues, roundhill furniture assembly instructions, ottawa, il police reports, cardano fear and greed index,Related: who can receive a real estate referral fee, talksport presenters wages, table of penalties douglas factors, trinity funeral home kingsport, tn obituaries, accident on 81 binghamton, ny today, usher vegas residency salary, texas district 6 election results, streetwear chubby guys fashion, auburn hills police scanner, front desk appreciation day 2021, does merida’s mom die in brave, list of black england rugby players, where is fox sports undisputed filmed, bad words that start with y, fairseq distributed training,